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McQueen – Delicately Haunting

The debate around Burton’s ability to rise to the occasion and slip on Lee’s shoes is jaded in the least. Burton will never be Lee and vice versa. What Burton now shows is her convictions of the McQueen woman; a rather delicate and haunting figure.This season she has not deviated from her aesthetic. The McQueen woman in leather, black, prints, and pastels is a dream adorned with butterfly motifs, and jewelry that screams everything from the sea to the cosmos and back again.

Photos Via Vogue Runway

Pugh – Constructs of Power

Gareth Pugh showed a collection depicting a woman in charge and who knows shes in charge. Sharp tailoring reinforces Pugh’s subtly sexy silhouettes. A focus on trousers are always a plus, after all sex and power have long moved beyond tight dresses and mini skits. Star motifs, disc-like halos, and Hannibal Lecter hockey masks remind us that the eccentric pugh is very much present even now; its as almost as if to say madness may ensue at any moment.

Photos Via Vogue Runway

Kane – Hoarding Glamour 

Christopher Kane is a seasoned favorite. You never quite know what you’ll be experiencing each season. What in fashion heaven did he present this season? In short, his woman is glamorous with real problems. Her tendency to hoard timeless pieces is her story, and she isn’t looking to rehabilitation anytime soon. In a time when maximalism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (thanks Marc!),  Kane’s woman is free to be; Fringe, PVC, knitted flowers & shearling are here to stay.

Photos Via Vogue Runway