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I decided to share a little of my love for Daphne Guinness with you. Much of the world has only become familiar with the realm of Haute Couture through recent fame whores(as I like to call them), but before the likes of Lady Gaga there was and remains Daphne Guinness. She remians one of my icons throughout the years, and she is one of the reasons why my love for fantasy and high fashion remains prominent today. As a collector of couture, Daphne epitomizes the world of high fashion and luxe. The conceptual Brit is keen on preserving the Haute Couture art form while sharing her love of it with everyone else. Her timeless look and effortless grace radiates with every click of a camera. If you didn’t know who this woman is, take the opportunity and become engulfed in her brilliance.  





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Haute Couture Collector and Fashion Icon Daphne Guinness