Live-Show guide-Paris Fashion Week F/W 2016-17


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Here’s a comprehensive list of all the fashion shows that can be viewed live from PFW over the next few days. Happy Viewings!

Thursday March 3rd


Watch the show live here.

balmain Fw


Watch the show live here.

rick ownes fw

Friday March 4th


Watch live photos of the show here.

Dior fw.png

Saturday March 5th


Watch the show live here.

westwood fw.png

Tuesday March 8th


Watch the show live here here.

valentino fw.png


From My Closet – Michael Kors Chain-Link Pad Lock Necklace in Gold


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I picked this piece up not too long ago. Normally I steer clear of MK necklaces for the simple reason that they are predominantly feminine in design (which is fine for the company’s intended shopper). This piece however is perfectly gender fluid for guys and the not so girly girls. The gold tone is always a plus, and it will last you a lifetime, granting you cherish your costume jewelry like I do. While on the pricey side ($200), it’s an investment that can always net you a substantial return, if ever you decide to part ways with it.

London Fashion Week Favorites: Gareth Pugh, Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen.


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McQueen – Delicately Haunting

The debate around Burton’s ability to rise to the occasion and slip on Lee’s shoes is jaded in the least. Burton will never be Lee and vice versa. What Burton now shows is her convictions of the McQueen woman; a rather delicate and haunting figure.This season she has not deviated from her aesthetic. The McQueen woman in leather, black, prints, and pastels is a dream adorned with butterfly motifs, and jewelry that screams everything from the sea to the cosmos and back again.

Photos Via Vogue Runway

Pugh – Constructs of Power

Gareth Pugh showed a collection depicting a woman in charge and who knows shes in charge. Sharp tailoring reinforces Pugh’s subtly sexy silhouettes. A focus on trousers are always a plus, after all sex and power have long moved beyond tight dresses and mini skits. Star motifs, disc-like halos, and Hannibal Lecter hockey masks remind us that the eccentric pugh is very much present even now; its as almost as if to say madness may ensue at any moment.

Photos Via Vogue Runway

Kane – Hoarding Glamour 

Christopher Kane is a seasoned favorite. You never quite know what you’ll be experiencing each season. What in fashion heaven did he present this season? In short, his woman is glamorous with real problems. Her tendency to hoard timeless pieces is her story, and she isn’t looking to rehabilitation anytime soon. In a time when maximalism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (thanks Marc!),  Kane’s woman is free to be; Fringe, PVC, knitted flowers & shearling are here to stay.

Photos Via Vogue Runway

Day 3 Live Fashion Show Streaming: Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 16-17.


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Here’s a list of live fashion shows available to the public on Friday at Milan fashion week. Happy Viewings!

Emporio Armani

Check out the Emporio Armani live stream here.

emporioarmani fw


Watch the Etro presentation live here.

etro fw.png

Elisabetta Franchi

Watch the live fashion show here.

franch fw


Catch the show streaming live here.

Versace fw16.png

Day 2: Milan Fashion Week – Fall/Winter 16-17 Live Runway Shows


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Day two of MFW. Here’s a list of fashion shows that are available for live viewing on Thursday. Happy Viewings!


Watch the show live here.

fend fw 16

Emilio Pucci

Catch the Emilio Pucci live runway show here.

Pucci fw 16.png


Watch the Prada presentation here.

prada fw


Catch the live show here.

moschino fw

NYFW Favorites: Proenza Schouler, Delpozo, & Marc Jacobs.


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In a manner that is all too familiar NYFW has come and gone, but not before leaving its lingering artistic expressions. Proenza Schouler, Delpozo, and Marc Jacobs offered a renewal of faith in the idea that ready to wear doesn’t have to come off that way!

The guys at Proenza Schouler presented silhouettes that were fun, of a sophisticated color palette, topped with tailoring and layering that would make any woman the envy of any room.

Photos Via Vogue Runway

Delpozo continues to be a constant favorite. Josep Font is a master at fabricating rigid silhouettes, only to then manipulate them in a way that resolves itself as whimsy and ethereal. The fashion world ought to start tooting the horns on the Josep Font for the Christian Dior train today! He’d be a great fit.

Photos Via Vogue Runway

Monsieur Marc Jacobs. The man one counts on for delivering the high paced, exaggerated, industrious works of a Parisian fashion show did it this season without the extra props. A clean white runway was the stage for a hybrid of Gothic, mysterious seductresses. God, who is this woman? Where can we meet her Marc?

Photos Via Vogue Runway


Matt & Nat Brave Backpack


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I’ve followed this locally based label (Montreal) and their vegan leather (recycled plastic bottles) movement for sometime. I’m an avid supporter of investing in genuine leather products (quality+longevity+biodegradable= better buy). Ultimately, a friend at university (Hi Lexy!) convinced me to give the movement a try, and I can now admit to the value behind the Matt & Nat line. The bags come in different styles and are rather affordable (C 150 max). If you’re environmentally conscious, or you’re on the market for relatively priced fashion forward bags, perhaps you’re interested in both fashion and the environment, then Matt and Nat will serve as a perfect choice.

Matt & Nat Brave Backpack in Black – Available here

Michael Kors Rabbit fur charm in black and gold – Available here